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Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media 20 juni 2018

Forbiddensource brengt je iedere dag de laatste nieuwtjes gepubliceerd in
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nieuws op het gebied van geopolitiek, milieu, gezondheid, klimaat, militaire
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Het nieuws van vandaag

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85% of world's 1bn firearms held by civilians, study shows
A groundbreaking study CONFIRMS that a common vaccine additive is linked to autism-like behavior
A Muslim Man Lynched To Death, Another Critically Injured In Western UP Over Rumour Of Cow Slaughter
Actor Chris Pratt Praises God During MTV Award Ceremony
Afgrijzen om misstanden in Nederlandse #slachthuizen
Africa’s Most Ancient Trees Are Dying, No One Knows Why
Ajit Pai Now Trying To Pretend That Everybody Supported Net Neutrality Repeal
Alex Jones Breaks Down Secrets of Trump’s Space Force
Almost 1,000 People Injured, Killed in Terrorist Attacks by Refugees
Analyst: Illegals Treated Better Than Citizens
Ann Coulter: ‘Of Course’ the Left Is ‘Using Children’ to Push Open Borders
Beijing Subways Could Get Facial Recognition and Palm Scanning Tech
Big Pharma vaccine billionaire just bought the LA Times... yet another example of the media being run by pharma
Black Holes Actually Colliding Wormholes?
Breaking Bad French style: Young housewife identified as key player behind huge dark web platform
Breaking: London Tube Station Explosion – Several People Injured After Blast
Breaking: Peter Strzok ‘Escorted’ From FBI Building
Brussel neemt omstreden linktax wetgeving aan
CA Judge: Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech
Calif. Assisted Suicide Law Online
Cancer Patient vs. #Monsanto
CBP Officers Arrest Mexican National with Fentanyl
Counterdrug Programs Come With Increased Drug Production - Where Does The Money Go?
De alternatieve tijdlijn brengt je iedere dag het laatste #nieuws
De oorsprong van terreurgroep IS. Dit onthullende interview doet je ogen openen
Democrats never cared about immigration detention centers while Obama was President… suddenly it’s a „manufactured crisis” for political gain
Digestion interrupts maintenance: Eating too late suspends the body’s repair work; sleep is also vital
Double whammy: Chemicals found in everyday products such as fast food wrappers found to sabotage metabolism, contribute to weight gain
Drudge Warns: EU ‘Link Ban’ Could Kill Drudge Report, Internet Freedom
Earthquake Risk, Flurry of Sunspots | S0 News Jun.19.2018
ECB-president Mario Draghi treedt volgend jaar af
Elon Musk: Free Cash Handouts „Will Be Necessary” If Robots Take Jobs
End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis
EU Attempts Damage Control Before Migration Summit
EU Border Agency Preparing For Surge of Migrants
EU should wait on outcome of US sanctions before blundering into #Iran
EU Uses And Abuses ‘Fake News’ To Censor The Entire Internet
Ex-CIA Employee Charged For ‘Vault 7’ Leaks
Foto van Barack Obama verkleed als satan gaat viraal op internet. Zo zag je hem nog niet eerder
Free #Assange demonstration
From relieving pain to improving skin elasticity, here's why rose hips are one of the best medicinal plants out there
G7 failure, penalty tariffs reflect capitalist world disorder
George Noory Joins Alex Jones To Discuss Mysterious Death Of Coast To Coast Founder
Germany: Migrant Who Murdered Teen Girl Bragged About Everything Being Free, No Need To Work
Geschiedenis Tweede Wereldoorlog is bij elkaar gelogen. Deze ene brief is een gamechanger
Gfycat's AI Solution for Fighting Deepfakes Isn't Working
GMO Expert Jeffrey Smith Discusses the Dangers of #Roundup, Weed Killer and Cancer
Google Pushes 2nd Amendment Censorship
Google Trains Machines To Terminate Patients Through Probability Predictions
Het dubbel controleren van diabetes medicatie kan herhospitalisaties verminderen
Het nieuws vandaag in de alternatieve media
Hillary Flashback on Illegal Immigrant Children: „They Should be Sent Back”
Homeland Security Sec. defends immigration policy separating families
Hoop voor de toekomst, … hernieuwbare energie, veilig drink water, maar ook een grote bedreiging voor „onze” cultuur!
House GOP headed for showdown with DOJ over key documents
How Did I Become Interested in #QAnon and Pizzagate?
How to keep your survival shelter location secret: 5 tips to keep it undetectable
Hungering for Nuclear Disarmament
IG Bombshell: Clinton Was Never ‘Subject or Target’ of FBI Investigation
Iraqi Murderer of German Teen Brags He „Gets A Salary From State”
Is Trump’s Immigration policy based on Racism?
Israeli arrested for selling fireworks to East Jerusalem man for use against police
Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza in Response to Protesters Flying Burning Kites
Judge Rules Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech
Juneteenth: A Day Every American Should Celebrate
Kim meets with Xi in Beijing
Kosmos update 20.6.2018
Kwistig met racisme
Leaving the UN Human Rights Council
Links heeft een probleem: ‘Soms heeft N-VA gelijk’
Marine scientists use underwater microphones to "hear" the sound of photosynthesis
Mass Shooting Attack On World Cup Fans After Sweden Win
Meer democratie en minder politici
Merkel Pledges to Support Italy on Migration Issue Amid Pressure
Miami-Based Group Presses Trump for More Cuba Restrictions
Millions Lack Food, Housing, and Healthcare, But 38 Democrats Just Joined GOP to Spend $716 Billion on Endless War and Empire
More than 500 guns seized from Southern California homes
Mothers of Children Killed by Illegal Aliens Slam Media for Hypocritical Coverage of Border Separations
Myth vs. Fact: DHS Zero-Tolerance Policy
Nano-sized cellulose fibers beat spider silk in being the strongest material on Earth
Natural Resources Defense Council Takes Action Against FCC Regarding 5G Small Cell Tower Installation — Requesting Statements From Concerned Citizens.
New „densified” super wood could replace steel, is lighter and cheaper
New Copyright Law Could Make Current and Future Internet Memes Illegal to Share
No more oopsy daisies: Taking a probiotic drink can prevent diarrhea
Not so green after all? New study says biodegradable plastic bags might not be helpful to the environment
Novel recycling process turns discarded hard disk drive magnets into new material
Nutritional management and prevention of type 2 #diabetes
Ontwikkelingshulp in Afrika, contraproductief
Outlaw Morgan: Political Correctness Is Cancer
Paul Joseph Watson interviews Alessandra Bocchi about the migrant crisis
Peter Strzok Lawyer Defends ‘Sick Loser’ Client In USA Today Op-Ed
Photos: Detained Illegals Eating Better than US Students Under Michelle Obama
Plant-based antimicrobial compounds offer a variety of alternatives to an over-dependence on toxic synthetic antibiotics that are increasingly less effective
Poll: Most Americans Satisfied With Trump-Kim Summit
Productaansprakelijkheid medicijn fabrikant.
Pruitt Grants Oklahoma Leniency to Dispose of Toxic Coal Ash Without Federal Oversight
Rudy Giuliani Suggests Jail Time For James Comey
Satisfaction with Direction of Country Reaches 12-Year High
Schumann grafieken laten opnieuw veel energie in de aarde zien
Sessions responds to Nazi comparisons: ‘They were keeping the Jews from leaving’
Setting up new showdown, May rejects Brexit proposal
Shell kreeg 7 miljard euro cadeau van Nederlandse samenleving
Six reasons you may be having lower back pain and how to treat it WITHOUT painkillers
Social Security’s Origins in Big Business
Spain: Students Forced Out of Their Homes to Make Way For Migrants
Sterke toename van zonnevlekken
Steve Bannon predicts Mueller investigation will be suspended soon
Stone: FISA Warrant A „Violation of My Civil Rights”
Study Links Environment to Falling IQ Levels
Texas's Gold Depository — A "Bank" For Gold-Based Money — Has Now Opened
The End of #Justice
The Gary Null Show – 06.19.18
The Inscrutable Protocols Of The Zeitgeist
The REAL Issue With Illegal Immigration
The Rent's Too Damned High: 15,000 words on the ways real-estate speculation and inequality have killed NYC
The Rise of Right-Wing Europe
The Saudi-Moroccan spat: Competing for the mantle of moderate Islam
The Texas Republican Party Now Supports Rolling Back Marijuana Prohibition. What’s Next?
The Truth About Trump „Separating Families”
Thierry Baudet (FVD) over de Vrijheid van Meningsuiting en Vrije Pers
Trump Admin’s Enforcement of Family Separation Makes Sense Without Immigration Fix
Trump and the Invasion of the West
Trump on IG Report: What Hillary Got Away With Was a Disgrace
Trump Targets Further $200bn-Worth of Imports With Tariff
Trump: I’ll Authorize Cancellation of Aid To Nations Sending Illegals
Twee op de drie
U.S. Far-Left Group SPLC To Pay Counter-Extremist Maajid Nawaz $3.3M Settlement Over Anti-Muslim ‘Hate List’
U.S. healthcare ranked worst in the developed world. And yet, we spend far more on healthcare than anyone in the entire world
U.S. housing starts race to near 11-year high in May
UK Allowed Access to Military Satellite After PM’s Threats
Understanding observational learning: Why we are able to learn from other people's mistakes
Understanding the #Populist Turn III – Frank Furedi
US Withdraws from UN Human Rights Council over Perceived Bias Against Israel
USA’s „Soft” Coup In Ethiopia
Vaccine authoritarians try to censor billboard that dares ask, "Do you know what's in a vaccine?"
Verminken lichamen nu in basispakket
Vet-koolhydraten combi’s doen smachten naar meer
Video: Bitter Hillary Calls Trump ‘Unchristian Liar’ Over Child Immigration Policy
VIDEO: Democrats Disrupt House Proceedings To Distract From DOJ’s Hearing
Video: Trump Delivers Speech to National Federation of Independent Businesses
VIDEO: What They’re Not Telling You About the Migrant Crisis
Vitamin E may be a natural remedy for dysmenorrhea
Volgende slachtoffer Kabinet Rutte 3: Medisch beroepsgeheim
Waarheid en Verantwoordelijkheid met Jordan Peterson en Aubrey Marcus
War on Arabs Continues – Morris Travelogue
Watch Live: Deep State On The Run, Comey Under Investigation
Watch: Trey Gowdy Rips Into Comey’s Corruption During Senate Hearing
Weer moord op jong Duits meisje
What you need to know about steam burns
Why do we crave junk food so much? We explain the gut-brain connection and how you can train yourself to want healthier food
Why on Earth a Country of Laws and Borders?
Zijn zwarte gaten in werkelijkheid sluiproutes door de ruimtetijd? Deze ontdekking kan een revolutie teweegbrengen
Zonne-energie: Overheid is weer aan het roven

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