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Nieuws alternatieve media 18.8.2018 brengt je dagelijks de laatste nieuwtjes verschenen in de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als Internationaal. Thema's die aan bod komen zijn onder meer geopolitiek, deep state, Trump, gezondheid, milieu, big pharma, de klimaat hoax, kosmos en meer.



„Merkel Must Go!” Chant Launched at German Leader
A Judge Is Trying to Censor Parkland School’s Treatment of Nikolas Cruz: Here Are the Documents
A Snapshot of the Internet Kill Switch in 2018
A Writer’s Last Port of Call: V.S. Naipaul
ABC confirms it ran a false flag operation with ACTORS to try to accuse Trump supporters of being violent, intolerant
Activist Kicks Off Effort to End Enforcement of Gun Control in Oregon County
Alex Jones: Infowars Stands Against Violence And Deep State False Flags
Anonymous Challenges QAnon And The LARP Falls To Shambles
Are YOU a sufferer? New data from the CDC shows asthma is costing the U.S. $80 billion every year
Around 20 Children Daily Don’t Show Up to Deportation Hearings – Trump Admin
Around the World, We See the The Link Between Economic Liberty and National Prosperity
Asbestos restoration plan goes into effect Monday
Authorities Destroy New Mexico Compound Where Islamists Trained Kids to Carry out School Shootings
BBC Crimewatch Reconstruction of Salisbury Poisonings Shelved After Director Gives up and Considers New Career
Billion-Dollar EpiPen Now Faces Generic Competition
Birds of the same feather? Study finds that you hang out with people who have the same pain tolerance as you
BOMBSHELL: Google tracks your physical location even if you turn off location data on your mobile device
Brain fitness: Keep these 10 tips in mind
Brennan fires new shot at Trump: ‘He’s drunk on power’
Buchanan: 'If Brennan Did to Andrew Jackson What He Did to Trump, He Would Have Lost A Lot More Than His Security Clearance'
Building on nature: Scientists improve on a plastic-digesting enzyme to stem plastic waste
Censorship is the Death Rattle of Globalism
Censorship is the New Front in the War on Consciousness
CEO compensation surges dramatically while average workers get no significant pay raise – report
China Notes Signs of US Decline Behind Bloated New Pentagon Budget
China's vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming Chinese children... total cover-up by the media
Chinese herbal medicine, huang-qi, can treat breast cancer
Crypto’s Biggest Weakness
De 911-erfenis: nú officieel al 10.000 kankergevallen..
Deep State Seeks To Blame Alex Jones For Future Terror Attack
Democrat memo demands complete takeover of the internet, total censorship of political opponents
Doctor who worked for the Queen killed in London traffic accident
DOJ Sues Ivanka’s Ex-Business Partner for Massive Fraud
ESPN Will Not Televise the National Anthem During NFL Broadcasts
Europe Is Undergoing a Conservative Christian Revival
Exclusive! Watch The Most Censored News Program In The Western Hemisphere
Exoplanet with heavy metal atmosphere discovered
Expert: UK PM „Will Have to Resign” Over Brexit Failure
Facebook now de-platforming conservative journalists who simply ask Muslim congressional candidates tough questions
Facebook Now Targeting Left Wing Pages As Predicted
Fake News: ‘Alex Jones Has Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down’
Familiarity with a variety of healthy foods through the early years leads children to good eating habits later
First Look: Where Astronauts May Live in Deep Space
First-Ever 4D-Printed Ceramics in China
Forget Globalism: There’s a Link Between Economic Liberty and National Prosperity
Geen klimaatopwarming de laatste 20 jaar
Gemeente A’dam spitte Facebook van hangjongeren door
Germany Returning Migrants to Greece
Globalists Purging Patriots Ahead Of The Coming False Flag
Great Barrier Reef Politics
GroenLinks: alle vluchtelingenschepen naar Amsterdam
Hackers Steal $13 Million from Bank ATMs in 28 Countries
Het behoud van de westerse cultuur
Hoe is het mogelijk…?!
Hollywoodacteur beschuldigt grote namen van pedofilie. Dit zijn ze
How to Manipulate People with Interest Rates
If You Want to Survive this Election with Your Mental Health Intact, Turn Off the "News" and Social Media Now
Italiaanse vaccinatieplicht afgeschaft..!!
Japan & China slashing US sovereign debt is Washington’s worst nightmare
John Mackey (Whole Foods) Won’t Talk About Amazon’s Facial Recognition Program
Jordan: Staunch Western Ally, Angry And Confused
Just how clean are your kitchen towels? New research suggests that they may be a possible vector for food poisoning
Kerala Flood Is Thousands Of Times The Magnitude Of Thai Cave Rescue! Yet Still….
Kerala Floods: Whole World Must Wake Up To The Disaster
Laura Hayes interviewed by Kristen Chevrier on the topic of vaccines
Learning You’re From Unplanned Pregnancy „Dooms Every Relationship” Afterwards – Study
Manafort's Judge Under Federal Protection Due to Death Threats, Says He Fears For Jurors' Safety
Mass Correction: Mainstream Media Retracts False Infowars ‘Pirate Radio’ Story
Media False Flag Imminent!
More & More & More DEW Aerial Laser Proof
Mysterious X-37B military space plane nears one year in orbit
NBC: Soon-To-Be Biggest Party In Sweden Is 'Far-Right,' Has 'Roots In Neo-Nazism And White Nationalism'
New AP Iowa High Court Nullifies Horrible U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment Precedent
New Mexico Judge Blinded By Fear Of Being Labeled Islamophobic Or Something More Sinister?
Nieuwe gevechten rondom Gazastrook
Nieuws alternatieve media 17.8.2018
PARENTS! Stop letting your children use iPhones and iPads
Pentagon says China military ‘likely training for strikes’ on U.S. targets
Pentagon: China „Likely Training for Strikes” on US Targets
PJW and Steven Crowder Analyze Orwellian Internet Censorship
PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech a Damp Squib
Politiek is des mensen
Pope Lectured Trump On Family Separation, But Silent On Priest Child Molestation Report
Pres. Trump Speaks Out Against Big Tech Censoring Conservatives: 'Cannot Be Allowed to Happen'
President, Pentagon put off Washington parade
Prime Minister Vajpayee And Me!!
Push News Not True Our Attention Distracted – Morris – Everyone is Someone’s Fool
Rand Paul: ‘Crazy’ Brennan Has Called For Death Penalty For President Trump
Recalcitrant Muslim Couple Denied Swiss Citizenship Over Handshake Refusal
Report Finds 100 Priests in One City Ran Horrific Pedophile Ring, As Gov’t Looked the Other Way
Report: Young Americans Prefer Socialism to Capitalism
Research Confirms Bacteria Exposed to Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Can Become Antibiotic Resistant
Researchers Develop New Way to Grow Blood Vessels
Russia Offers 2.5 Million Acres Of Farmland To China, Amid Worsening Trade War
Satanic temple sparks uproar by unveiling statue of goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet in state capitol
Satanic Temple statue unveiled at Arkansas State Capitol
Schiff: Biggest Bear Market Ever Incoming
Scientists Warn That Millions Of Sea Creatures Are „In Real Peril” As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise To Dangerous New Records
Scientists WARN: The food riots will begin in just one generation, and human civilization will collapse
Serotonin In The Service Of American Aggression And My Formative Years
Shocking Report Details How CIA Hubris Exposed Agents In China, Resulting In 30 Executions
SHTF Prepping video library uploaded to Learn how to grow food, bug out, disarm attackers and build bulletproof armor
Smartphones Three Times Dirtier Than Toilet – Research
South Africa Farm Seizure Horror: List of White Farmers Facing Expropriation 'Exposed'
Study Tracks Personality Change Over A Lifetime
Study: Circumcising Newborn Boys Increases Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Survive colon cancer by eating more Omega-3s, says new study
Syria - Pentagon Plants High ISIS Numbers To Justify Occupation
Teen ‘Disemboweled’ During London Stabbing
Ten Thousand People Face Water Death Warns Kerala Law Maker
The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking
The Cup of „Poison”!
The Fascist Roots of Modern Liberalism
The One About a Russian Satellite „Raising Alarm” with U.S.
The San Onofre Nuclear Plant Is a ‘Fukushima Waiting to Happen’
There is not one air-cleaning or filter company in the world that can do this
This could save your life: Everything you need to know about lead poisoning
Three-Year-Old Boy’s Body Identified at Horrific New Mexico Islamic Compound
To Survive The Midterms With Your Mental Health Intact, Turn Off The „News” & Social Media Now
Tommy Robinson destroys Daily Mail „Journalist”
Total Reversal: Cuomo Backtracks, Admits ‘America Has Always Been Great’
Tragic Consequences from Digital Addiction Now Include German Children Drowning Because Parents Are Distracted by Their Phones
Trump ‘Boom’ Sparks Record-Breaking Backlog Of Big Rigs
Trump „Suspects” Revoking Security Clearance of Fusion GPS Worker’s Spouse
Trump Mulls 2019 for Cheaper Military Parade
Trump Prompts SEC to Improve Reporting Practices
Trump’s Military Parade Could Feed Every Homeless Vet for 9 Months, Or House Them for 6 Months
Turkey Denies Another Appeal to Free US Pastor
Turkey’s Collapse Could Send „Millions” of Refugees Into Europe
Turkey’s Economic Collapse Could Send ‘Millions’ of Migrants into Europe, Analysts Warn
Twee Amerikaanse piloten zagen een sigaarvormige UFO. Waarom vernietigde de luchtmacht het rapport?
Twitter Memory Holes Antiwar Activist Caitlin Johnstone
U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger – sources
UK Imam „Called for Armed Jihad” Before Manchester Attack – Muslim Scholars
UK: Police Release Names Of 31 Suspects Accused Of Raping And Trafficking Underage Girls
Uncle Sam Wants You: Treasury Depends More on Domestic Bond Buyers
US Military Spending Bill Could Force Al Jazeera to Register as „Foreign Agent”
US raises $300 million from allies for Syria stabilisation
US Stocks Dominate Global Markets
Video: ‘Come and Take It’ Girl Changes All Apple Store Devices to Show to Protest Censorship
Video: Trump Declares, ‘Made in America is Back!’
What, Me Worry? Humans Are Blind to Imminent Environmental Collapse
While Trying to Kill a Family's Dog, Cop Shoots 11-year-old Boy Instead
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