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Nieuws alternatieve media 23.10.2018 brengt je dagelijks de laatste nieuwtjes verschenen in de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als Internationaal. Thema's die aan bod komen zijn onder meer geopolitiek, deep state, Trump, gezondheid, milieu, big pharma, de klimaat hoax, kosmos en meer.



2018 Midterms: Most Important Election Ever in US History?
5 Reasons to Worry About Soaring Federal Debt
50 Years of Federal Gun Control: The 1968 Gun Control Act
5G Total Mind Control For All ~ Operation Crimson Mist Redux
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches …
A new look at the role of Working Class
A species of sea snail found to hasten wound recovery
academische conferentie van drie dagen
Adding TCM to Western medication found to improve quality of life for chronic heart failure patients
Air quality determined to be a leading environmental threat to public health
Alternative Media Does Not Enjoy Same Freedom as Corporate Press
Alyssa Milano Gets ‘Loomered,’ Confronted Over ties to Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour
Amerikaanse overheid ziet rente op staatsschuld sterk toenemen
Amid IPCC climate alarmism report, scientists are now calling for CHEMTRAIL spraying to stop "global warming"
AP Changes Headline After Liberals Complain About Describing Illegal Caravan As ‘Army Of Migrants’
Argentijnse nieuwsuitzending onderbroken door aliens? Dit object verscheen plotseling in beeld
Axios CEO to Journos: 'Restore Faith And Trust In Media' By Hiding Bias, Quitting Twitter
Backlash Over Kleenex Removing ‘Mansize’ Label to Appease SJWs
Baudet(FvD); ‘Ollongren is zelf het grootste gevaar voor de Nederlandse democratische rechtstaat
BERNIE BURNOUT? Sanders rally crowds down 90% from 2016
Bharatiya Janata Party or Bharatiya Jumla Party !
Bloomberg: Political Correctness is a Tool of Conservatives Used to Oppress White Liberals
Bosma(PVV) over Pechtold; ‘Geen PVV-er had dat beter kunnen vertellen dan de ”Penthouse” profeet’
Brazil: The Eternal Country of the Future Trapped in Its Colonial Past
Brett Kavanaugh, The Duke Lacrosse Team, and Déjà vu
Canada Installs Underwater Chinese Monitoring Devices Near US Sub Base
Caravan Migrant: Donald Trump Is The 'Antichrist' And Is 'Going to Hell'
China growth slows to lowest level since financial crisis
China Lashes Out at Pompeo’s Advice to Latin America
CNN Releases Photo Of Saudi "Double" Of Khashoggi, Turkey Finds Car Belonging To Consulate
Colorado cracks a billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, generating $200M in tax revenue
Common shoulder surgery may offer no benefit in reducing shoulder pain
Competitie tussen grootmachten; Stan van Houcke en Kees van der Pijl
Corruption and abuse within the U.S. justice system
Curcumin targets aggressive and lethal forms of cancer while leaving noncancerous cells unharmed
Danggui, a herb used in Chinese medicine, holds potential for treating bladder cancer
De gieren vliegen rond boven Saudi Arabië – Morris
De giftige kant van reuma medicatie
De onderste steen komt nooit boven omdat de waarheid niet geliefd is. Pieter van Vollenhoven zegt waar het op staat
Dieren die sterven door vele vaccinaties
Documents Show Mexico Publicly Admits It’s Helping The UN Migrant Caravans Flood The US
Dozens Of Key Midterm Races Could Go Either Way, And Control Of Congress Hangs In The Balance
Dr Andrew Knight on Farrowing Crates
Een druivenbestanddeel beschermt tegen kanker
Een schutkring rond het cordon sanitaire?
Eerste rechtzaak tegen 5G gewonnen in Engeland
Essential oils offer a natural, side effect-free way to address anxiety
EU wil 60 miljoen migranten naar Europa halen
False Flag? Bomb Detonated Outside Soros’ Home – Infowars Live Coverage
FBI Admits Using Multiple ‘Confidential Human Sources’ To Spy On Trump Campaign
FBI Agent Who Outed Bureau’s Racial Profiling Sentenced to 4 Years for Leaking Classified Documents
Fox News: 'About 80 Percent' Of Migrant Caravan 'Are Men Under The Age Of 35'
Freed UK Jihad Preacher Anjem Choudary: „As Muslims We Have No Choice But To Support The Islamic State”
Germans Say Cologne Jihadi „Appeared Disheveled,” So He May Not Have Been A Jihadi
Global Banking Stocks Are Crashing Hard – Just Like They Did In 2008
Has America Become a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy?
Have Pastors Forsaken America? – Part 2
Health Ranger explains why you should be reading
Het leger als antikapitalistisch instrument
Het gedachtegoed van Coudenhove-Kalergi geldt als handboek voor de EU.
Het Laatste Nieuws (20 oktober, betaalmuur)
Het leven van een varken in de bioindustrie – dieronterend
Houellebecq: Demography is Destiny
Human Mind Control Virus/Black Cat/Halloween
International Hypocrisy
James Woods Asks: How Has ‘Migrant Caravan’ Traveled So Quickly?
Jane Fonda: ‘Hard for Me to Breathe’ in Donald Trump’s America
Jim Stroud explains why he dumped Google for DuckDuckGo – Watch at
Judge REFUSES to gag campaigners over 5G rollout in Britain
Kan gember helpen bij obesitas en vette leverziekte?
Kosmos 23.10.2018
Le PTB ne peut servir d’excuse pour le Vlaams Belang
Lion's mane lives up to its reputation as a great natural mood enhancer
Listen – Pat Buchanan: Migrant Caravan Is Trump’s Chance to Stop ‘Third World Invasion of the West’
Live Now! Trump Draws Record Crowd At Texas Rally For Senator Cruz
Live! 100K Show Up For Texas Trump Rally, Making It The Biggest In History
Manage your allergic rhinitis with Yu ping feng san, a Chinese herbal medicine
Marijuana’s THC found to help HIV patients maintain mental stamina
Massive censorship existing in a country that deplores censorship?
Massive Migrant Mob Riots at German Asylum Facility
Middle Class Destroyed: 50 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than $30,533 A Year
Migrant Declares That Donald Trump Is ‘The Antichrist’ As ‘The Caravan’ Grows To 14,000 People
Must Watch: Trump/Cruz Hold Mega Rally in Houston, Texas
Networks Cheer Migrant Caravan ‘Defying the President,’ ‘Undeterred’ in Their ‘Mission’
New computer models show that more than 100 million people in India are affected by excess fluoride in groundwater
New Migrant Caravan Rushes to Join Main Group
Niets is wat het lijkt. Hierdoor verandert je kijk op de wereld voorgoed
Nieuws 23.10.2018
NYPD Suspends Use of Body Cameras Because One of Them Just EXPLODED
Owen Shroyer Reflects On Trump/Cruz Rally & The Last Infowars Pages to be Banned From Twitter
Pakistan, Russia hold third round of joint military exercises
Pentagon confirms US general shot in Afghanistan Taliban attack
PETA Attacks Milk as Symbol of ‘White Supremacists’
Petition seeking Honorary Canadian Citizenship for Arundhati Roy launched
Polen voegt opnieuw goud aan reserves toe
Police Defend Horrific Video of Cops Holding Down 14yo Girl and Repeatedly Punching Her
Preachers Must Standup & Proclaim The Truth
President Trump over de migranten caravaan, de Saudi Journalist, en Russische dreiging
President Trump: "I'm A Nationalist," Not A Globalist
Puppy love: Keep your dog happy and healthy with these 5 easy tips
Putin Announces New Hypersonic Weapon Will Be Deployed In "Months" announces new name:
Reïncarneerde deze nazipiloot in Engeland? Hoe Carl Edon herinneringen aan zijn vorige leven begon te delen
Report: Illegal Migrant Caravan Swells To 14,000 As Trump Prepares To Seal Border
Rusland wil minder afhankelijk worden van de dollar
Russia Signals Renewed Arms Race, Says Scrapping INF Would Force It To 'Restore Balance'
Saudi Crown Prince Spoke To Khashoggi By Phone Moments Before He Was Killed: Report
Saudis reportedly scrap coverup plan because Khashoggi 'body double' wore the wrong shoes
Socialism or death, onward to victory, says Díaz-Canel, president of Cuba
Sodomite Man Accuses Senator Cory Booker Of Sexual Assault
Some Initial Points on the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi…
Srinagrites Are Not ‘Ghetto People’
Steve King: Men from ‘Most Violent Countries in World’ Are ‘Invading’ U.S.
Study finds that a traditional Chinese medicine is effective at treating liver cancer
Study finds that common verbena treats convulsions better than conventional drugs
Survey Reveals What Really Scares Americans: #1 on the List May Surprise You
Swedish Student Who Stopped Migrant From Being Deported, Faces Jail
Taking the powder of the Java plum reduces the damage caused by a high-fat diet
Terug naar af: van Vlaams Belang naar N-VA en weer terug
The biggest medical fake news ever? NY Times claims that last year's flu killed 80,000 people
The Curses on Kavanaugh: Do They Matter?
The Gary Null Show – 10.22.18 – The US-Israeli-Saudi alliance and what it means for the future of the middle east
The Internet’s Most Banned Videos – Trump Prepared To Cut UN Funding Over Support For Migrant Caravan
The Rule of the Uber-Rich Means Either Tyranny or Revolution
The Saudi Arabian led "intervention" in Yemen has caused "the worst cholera outbreak in the world" where half a million people (mostly children) have died.
The Saudis Keep Changing Their Story on the Murder of Khashoggi. What Should We Do?
The Truth Will Make You Free If You Act On It
The UN’s Plans for More „Charity” Won’t Solve the World’s Problems
Too much sugar can lead to nutritional deficiencies - excess glucose reduces your body's absorption of key minerals
Trump Declares Himself A ‘Nationalist; CNN Says It’s Racist
Trump Ready To Slash UN Funding Over Its Support For Illegal Migrant Caravan
Trump threatens to build up US nuclear arsenal until Russia, China ‘come to their senses’
Trump vows to send as many troops ‘as necessary’ to keep growing migrant caravan out
Trump: Migrant Caravan Is ‘A Disgrace to the Democrat Party’
Trump: US to 'begin cutting off' aid to countries associated with migrant caravan
Truthful Banter About Americans Putting Up With Unconstitutional Federal Education
TSA Lays Out Plans To Use Facial Recognition For Domestic Flights - Slashdot
Turkey puts fiancee of slain journalist Khashoggi under 24-hour protection
Two Koreas, UN Forces Agree to Remove Weapons at Border
U.S. Media Refuses to Inform the Public When Its Commentators and Pundits are Paid Foreign Agents
Understanding Kashmir imbroglio through historical narratives
Video: Thousands Swarm Texas Venue 24-Hours Ahead of Trump-Cruz Rally
Wat zag de Minister vanochtend toen ze in de spiegel keek?!
Watch Live: Migrant Voter Wave Set To Crash Against US Border
Watch Live: President Trump Says Migrant Invasion Force is a Threat to the United States’ Existence, Declares National Emergency
Watch Live: Record Breaking Crowds At Trump / Cruz Rally: Houston, Texas
Watch Live: Trump Declares National Emergency As Migrant Caravan Swells To Over 7,000
Watch: Henry Kissinger told to "rot in hell" during NYU speech
Watch: Louie Gohmert: ‘Perhaps Soros’ is ‘Funding’ Caravan for Midterms
Watch: Man Says Hackers Stole His Tesla with Just a Tablet
Weekly Update – The Saudis Keep Changing Their Story on The Murder Of Khashoggi
What Are Time Crystals ? Scientists Confirm A New Form Of Matter
What Internet Censorship Is Really About – Rise of Brazilian YouTubers
What you need to know about juicing cruciferous vegetables
Why I say Indian #MeToo Movement is just a hip adjustment in „Status Quo” ?
Why The Washington Post Is In Fear Of This Group
Wil je geen kind met ADHD? Dan moet je goed kijken wat er in je tandpasta zit
World famous Dead Sea Scrolls at Museum of the Bible 'are fake'
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