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Alternatieve media update 25.5.2019


44 Things You Should Know About The Green New Deal
75% of FTC Officials Worked for Corporations It’s Supposed to Be Regulating
8Chan Founder Speaks Out After Photos Appear to Show VICE News Reporters Breaking Into His Home
9x bewijs dat je niet bestaat
A natural way of treating rheumatoid arthritis with qiang-huo
American Kidnapped in Illegal High Seas Raid Takes Legal Action with Special Guest Hervé Jaubert
As US seeks to crush media freedom, we all need to read Assange’s letter from prison
Assange BULLETIN: The journalist faces 175 yrs in prison with 17 more charges
Assange Hit With Espionage Act Violations As DoJ Unveils 17 New Charges
Banken redden is illegaal en ondemocratisch: Arno Wellens en Paul Buitink
Battle Over Assange’s Computer: U.S. Could Plant False Evidence On Scrubbed Computer
Bernie Sanders calls for US to avoid ‘absolute disaster’ in Iran by opposing Team Trump’s warmongering
Beverly Hills votes to ban tobacco sales, but exempts Schwarzenegger’s favorite cigar club
Bolivia’s universal healthcare is model for the world, says UN
Bombshell Report Reveals British Govt Stages 'Muslim' Responses to Terrorist Attacks
Brexit Party Now Just One Point Behind Labour in National Poll
Buchanan: Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road?
By pushing the National Popular Vote Compact, leftists are deliberately working to ensure the "tyranny of the majority" that will overrule liberty and law
Canada Bans News Exposing Sterilization Of Children
Capping Interest Rates On Credit Cards Will Lead To Kneecapping
China’s Largest Chipmaker De-Lists From NYSE
CIA Whistleblower: Assange is Going to Get Railroaded by „Hanging” Judge
Comcast Plans In-Home Health Surveillance and Medical Tracking Device
Cop Caught on Video Harassing, Fining Flood Victims for Trying to Help Each Other
Coral reefs in the Lower Florida Keys being destroyed by a mysterious disease
CrossFit Dumps Facebook, Slams Abuse of Power
Danish Populists Propose Asylum Freeze, Deportations
Democratise and Diversify Congress to Rebuild it Nationally
Describing Self as ‘Patriot’ Could Land You on Watch List, British Army Warns Troops
Digital Privacy Is A Valuable Commodity In An Era of Surveillance and Censorship
Disgusting: Vietnam War Memorial Vandalized On Memorial Day Weekend
Disoriented Democrat: Jerry Nadler Nearly Passes Out During Presser
Do SERCO's Hawkhills Dirty Fibre Tunnels Link AI Wizards To EVL Teachers Guilds?
Doctor Predicts „Major Infectious Disease Epidemic” to Hit Los Angeles This Summer
DWP brutality is the subject of a new song
Eat more zucchini: 10 health benefits offered by this nutrient-rich vegetable
Eerste graancirkel van 2019 gevonden in Engeland. Wat is de betekenis hiervan?
EU Chief Slams 'Populists, Stupid Nationalists' - 'They Are in Love With Their Own Countries'
Former CIA director claims US is victim of ’40 years of unprovoked aggression’ by Iran. Twitter responds accordingly.
Former CNN Pro-Trump Contributors Allege Network ‘Openly Despises Conservatives’
Foto’s bewijzen dat er iets verborgen ligt onder een Egyptisch tempelcomplex. De autoriteiten willen niet dat jij dit weet
Herstel unitaire staat is enige weg uit taalfederalistisch doolhof
Home health spies: AI systems like Amazon's Alexa to become "virtual medical coaches" that spy on patients in their homes
How Could Stanley Ann Dunham Have Delivered Barack Hussein Obama In August Of 1961 in Hawaii, When Official University Of Washington Records Show Her 2,680 Miles Away In Seattle Attending Classes That Same Month?
How many times must Assange be proven right before people start listening?
Increase your chance of survival: Common causes of death during a disaster and how to avoid them
Infuriating Video Shows Great-Grandma in Panic as Cops Arrest Her for CBD to Treat Arthritis
Interest in Personal DNA Testing Rising Amid Equal Concerns Over Health Privacy and Security
Iran’s Leadership „At Highest Level” Ordered Attacks On Pipeline, Tankers: Pentagon
It took Paul Mason less than two minutes to perfectly sum up Theresa May’s legacy
Jeremy Corbyn shows no sympathy in response to Theresa May’s resignation
Journo-terrorists across "mainstream" media continue to encourage violence against conservatives
Labour Leader Corbyn Calls For Immediate UK Elections as PM May Resigns
LGBT progressivism horrors: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all "gender" organs in the name of progressivism and "equality"
Maybe Iran & Hauwei Are Not Zionist & That’s The Only Issue
Meanwhile In China: If You Don’t Recycle, Big Brother Will Get You
Men is in Nederland niet gesteld op de inhoud van dit boek. Wat je niet mag weten over de MH17-ramp
Meteoor explodeert boven Noord-Australië, verandert nacht in dag
Modi 3 :Majoritarianism Normalised ?
Nasty piece of work sad she won’t get paid to ruin lives anymore
New Body Cam Shows Cops Trying to Cover for Fellow Cop who Murdered Justine Damond
New Swiss Studies Claim 5G Increases Body Temperature of Insects. Old Research Claims 5G Causes The Same In Humans Along With Excessive Sweating.
Nigel ‘man of the people’ Farage, my arse! Meet the real Brexit Party leader.
North Korea Won’t Talk to US Until Trump Reduces Disarmament Demands
NXIVM Trial: Mexican Former Teen Slave Testifies As More Mexico Trafficking Connections Exposed
Obama Belittles His Own Wife: Jabs At Michelle’s „Success” For Using Ghostwriter – Used Bill Ayers To Write His Own Book
Off-Limits: Infowars Weekly Wrap-Up
Olive byproducts, when added to sunflower oil, can improve oxidative stability
Only 2% of Amazon shareholders vote against giving facial recognition to government
Plumbagin, a compound present in carnivorous plants, has anticancer potential
Politics of Oil: CITGO Bond Holders Facing a Guaido Haircut
President Trump Announces He Will Declassify ALL Documents Pertaining To Russia Probe
President Trump Gives Barr Authority To DE-CLASSIFY Spying Docs
Rabid Trump Haters In San Francisco Scream At Female Reporter
Rail Company Removes Morrissey Posters After ONE Offended Commuter Complains
Research shows doctors avoid talking to elderly patients about their mental health and just throw meds at them instead
Schieten zonder waarschuwing en steun voor sterilisatieprogramma’s. Bekijk deze onthullende aflevering van Zembla over het Wereld Natuur Fonds
Serial Stalker Who Made Previous Violent Threats Against Women Threatens to ‘Kill As Many Girls as I see’
SICK Leftists mock storm-ravaged Missouri residents, saying deadly tornado was ‘karma’ for passing pro-life abortion bill
Sleep is the best immune booster: Rest improves your ability to fight off infections
Soon to be Released Declassified Docs Show Samantha Power Used UN Position To Target American Citizens, Including General Flynn
Superbugs and the Ultimate Economic Weapon: Food
Supplementing with vitamin D found to help reduce insulin resistance in adults
Terror-Tied Rep. Ilhan Omar Attacks Christians On House Floor
The Battle For Julian Assange’s Computer: False Evidence Could Be Planted By US On Scrubbed Computer
The grassroots refugee camp that shows Europe ‘a better way of doing things’
The mainstream media is exploiting ‘veganism’ for clicks in an article about serious child neglect
The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists
The Media is Finally Realizing What the Prosecution of Assange Means for Journalism
The Western diet can impair memory function
There Is An Increasing Amount Of Buzz That China Could Invoke The Rare Earth „Nuclear Option” In The Trade War
They're Back! 3D-Printed Guns Are Unstoppable And Here To Stay
Time for Trump to Follow the Constitution & Ignore The Judges
Topical uses for marijuana: Study finds it effective at soothing skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis
Trump Bypasses Congress To Approve $8 Billion In Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, UAE
Trump Campaign Views Healthcare as a 2020 Campaign Weapon
Trump Primary Challenger Bill Weld Admits He Has No Chance
Tucker Carlson Covers Leaked OPCW Report Suggesting Chemical Attack Was Not Done By Assad
Tulsi Gabbard: War With Iran 'Better Serves The Interests' of 'Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia' Than U.S.
Twitter bans left-wing Krassenstein Bros. for operating fake accounts: report
UK PM Theresa May announces resignation, will quit on June 7
US-Made Saudi Warplanes and Bombs Are Still Killing Many Civilians in Yemen
Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire
Video: U.S. Cardinal Says Islam Attempting to Take Over the West
Washington Just Legalized the Composting of Human Bodies
Wat brengen de Europese Verkiezingen in Frankrijk ?
Watch Live: Social Media Giants Stealing Personal Information
Watch Live: Theresa May Resigns, Brexit Party Poised To Save UK
Watch Live: War On Free Speech And Assange Escalates As Trump Attacks Deep State
Watch Owen Jones bury the ruling class for suggesting we should ‘feel sorry’ for Theresa May
Watch This ‘Doctored’ Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler Video Before Snopes Refutes It
Watch This Undoctored Nancy Pelosi Video From C-Span – Is She Slurring Her Speech?
Watch: Owen Shroyer’s Exclusive Interview With Nancy Pelosi
What Exactly Is Mitt Romney Doing In The Senate?
What's the environmental impact of Impossible Foods GMO burgers, made with genetically modified soy that's sprayed with glyphosate weed killer?
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Charged With Violating Espionage Act

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