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Nieuws alternatieve media 17 - 18.11.2018 brengt je dagelijks de laatste nieuwtjes verschenen in de alternatieve media in zowel Nederland als Internationaal. Thema's die aan bod komen zijn onder meer geopolitiek, deep state, Trump, gezondheid, milieu, big pharma, de klimaat hoax, kosmos en meer.



"It's Not Enough": US Senate Proposes New Bill To Ban Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia
‘Give Alex Jones a Press Pass’: Conservatives Call Out Free Speech Hypocrisy in Wake of CNN-Acosta Ruling
‘Sacrale tempel’ van Vlaanderen opent bezoekerscentrum
‘Wrong on so many levels’: Priest paraded through town in Porsche pulled by children (VIDEO)
„Amusement Tax” Forced on Playstation Gamers in Chicago
„Build The Wall” Lego-Style Toy Set Promotes What Both Political Parties Have Advocated For Years
4-Year-Old Girl Left in Freezing Van Overnight After Cops Arrested Her Mom, Impounded Van
A Million Americans Are Living In Their RVs As The American Dream Continues To Be „Redefined”
Airline asks passengers to help pay for plane repairs in order to take off
All-American: Wisconsin Company Gives Guns To Employees As Christmas Gifts
America’s Military Superiority Has Eroded to a Dangerous Degree – Report
American Socialism On The Rise
An Open Letter To Those Caught Up In—As Well As Those Disgusted By—The Hype Surrounding the Midterm Elections
Ancient Aliens Are Racist and Other Lefty Insanity
Another „Fact Checker” Demanding You Ask for Their Accreditation
Are Alinskyites Trying To Steal These Elections?
Australian police offer reward for information about murder of ex-KGB colonel
Bankrupt Sears wants to give executives $19 million in bonuses
Berries are some of the best anti-cancer foods you'll ever find
Bitcoin’s 200% Gains Aren’t Coming Back
Blundering American Ambassadors Unmask the War on Terror
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Will UK Leave EU or Will May’s Party Leave Her?
Breaking: Mexican Border is Only Starting To Heat Up
Britain’s Second Lord Chamberlain: PM Theresa May?
California Democrat Threatens „Nukes” If Americans Don’t Hand Over Their Guns
California wildfires: Fears radioactive waste could be caught in destructive blaze
Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha- Mazdoor Karyakarta Samiti (CMM-MKS):  A Political Engagement of Sudha Bharadwaj
CIA Believes Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi’s Killing: WaPo
CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination
Confessions of a Nonconformist Consumer
Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Already Facing US Indictment
Corticosteroids are linked to an increased risk of irregular heart beat
Dallas Morning News: 'Latinos Could Turn Texas Blue in 2020 If Enthusiasm Holds'
De anti-Zwarte Piet beweging, de migrantenkaravaan en… George Soros. O, kom er eens kijken
Dem Congressman Threatens to „Nuke” Gun Owners In Civil War Scenario
Dem Math Problems: Election Recount is Another Kavanaugh Moment
Dem Rep Eric Swalwell Says He'd Nuke Americans Resisting His Gun Confiscation Plan
Democrat congressman says government should use nuclear weapons against Second Amendment supporters if they don't give up their firearms
Denmark Study: Immigration a „Failed Experiment”
Diabetes in de praktijk: hoe Chris ervan genas
Een Grondbank voor de landbouw
Een klap voor wie niet wil luisteren
Er zijn nu zoveel ijsberen dat ze de inheemse bevolking van Canada bedreigen (en bedankt klimaatfanatici). Dit overheidsrapport bewijst het
Exposure to Traffic Noise Boosts Risk of Obesity
Eyewitness Says Caravan Getting Violent As They Cross The Border
FL Election: Truth or Satire?
Flashback Friday - Ep5 - We're Being Sold Lies!
Florida Dem Hatches Plot to Invade Red States to Turn Them Blue
FYI, Saying ‘men aren’t women’ Now Qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter
Global Government Tyrants Are Gaslighting The Free World
Globalists’ Latest Push: Mass Deportation ‘Morally Unacceptable,’ Amnesty is Necessary
Groundbreaking study reveals that heart disease is an early indicator of vitamin C deficiency
Here are some natural interventions that slow down (and sometimes even reverse) cataracts
Here's why wild-caught is better than farm-raised salmon: It has a more diverse nutritional profile
Het nieuws van vandaag 17.11.2018
Het voetbalwonder van P. Bauwens
Hillary Clinton Ordered To Answer Additional Questions Under Oath About Private Email Server
Hoe farmaceutische multinationals met hulp van de minister van Volksgezondheid in alle stilte je zorgverzekering plunderen
Hoe het schaakbrein werkt
Homeless man and couple 'made up' story that earned them $400,000 from GoFundMe scam
Hoping to Quell Scandal, Saudi Arabia Announces Death Penalty for Khashoggi Killers
How Bezos, Cuomo and Amazon Screwed Over New York
How You Fight Internet Censorship
If America Is Such A Happy Place, Why Is The Suicide Rate Up 34% Since The Year 2000?
Ik hou van u / Je t’aime, tu sais
Infowars Video Vault: Border War Merely Beginning – Share These Banned Videos
Insidious Social Engineering: The N-Word Phenomenon
It begins: Trans-ageism... Man files lawsuit to lower his official age by 20 years so he can get more dates
Judge Orders Acosta's White House Press Credentials Restored
Judge Orders White House to Restore Jim Acosta’s Press Pass
Judge Rules Acosta Can Continue Harassing The White House
Kamala Harris Compares ICE to KKK
Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of genocide
klimaatverlakkerij rond windturbines langs A16
Laptops on Laps are Lousy for Libidos and More
Liberalism and Sabarimala: Why Shashi Tharoor is Wrong
License Plate Scanners Track Millions of Drivers to Catch a Handful of Criminals
Livestream: Infowars At US-Mexican Border
Lock ‘em Up: Another Brennan/Clapper Crime Exposed
Lotus seeds shown to improve hypertensive conditions
MAGA Hat-Wearing Trump Supporter Attacked, Ankle Broken in 4 Places
Marijuana Startup Backed by John Boehner Goes Public in Canada
Maryland Man Killed By Cops Trying To Take His Guns Under "Red Flag" Confiscation Law
Media Lies (1995 SPIN) unauthorized footage
Michael Avenatti Accused Of Domestic Abuse, Should We Believe All Women Now?
Mueller Witness Exposes Prosecutor in Middle of Heated Court Battle, Shatters Leftist Narrative
Music and your brain: Scientists seek to understand how your memory of music affects your brain
Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Admits She Supports BDS – It Was „Not Helpful” Before Election
National Bike Share Data Program Can Identify Users In Real-time
Netanyahu to Take Over Defense Job
Netanyahu: „Pas op Europa voor Iran-aanslagen!”…???
New ACLU Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK-Ultra-Like Mind Control Programs
Nieuw boek Juglen Zwaan: De Receptenwijzer
No, The Era Of Spanking Is Not Over
NTSB: Miami bridge that collapsed and killed 6 had design errors
Obama: „This is MY House”—Trump CAN Exclude Anyone From White House
Obama-Appointed Judges Take Charge in Disputed Fla., Ga. Elections
Oil Binds Russia, China Relations
Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Official Audit
Pfizer to raise prices despite Trump pressure
Police drones: Coppers to use flying robots to track offenders back to their homes
Politici van Geert Wilders tot aan Marianne Thieme gebruiken precies dezelfde politieke trucs
Politie: Niets geleerd van de IRT affaire
Pomegranates are some of the best foods you can eat to prevent cancer
Post-Election Blue Wave: Democrats Have Flipped 2 Senate Seats & Large Number Of House Seats Since Election Night
Racist? Mexican Citizens Clash With Migrant Caravan in Tijuana
RSS/BJP And The Shudra Neo-Slaves
Satellieten spotten oude ruïnes voor de kust van Spanje. Is dit de verloren stad Atlantis?
Saudi Arabia Defies US Pressure to End Qatar Row
Saying Goodbye to UN Sanctions Against Eritrea
Scientists find that tansy essential oil can be a potential natural remedy for E.coli and Staph infections
SEAL Team 6 Members and Special Forces Marines Charged With Green Beret Murder and Cover-Up
Seriously: Why is the DOJ indicting Julian Assange but not Hillary Clinton?
Shakman & Decades of Corruption from Chicago to Supreme Court
Sheriff's Dept.: The 1,079 Privileged Jailhouse Calls We Intercepted Was Actually 34,000 Calls
Smoking gun: Democrats generated wave of votes AFTER the election to change the outcome via fraud
Social Isolation Increases Risk of Death „From All Causes”
Sons of Liberty Media
Sophie De Schaepdrijver
Startup develops AI tool that will strengthen efforts to protect endangered elephants
Study: Children with IBS found to be deficient in vitamin D
Submarine that vanished with 44 crew is found sunken in Atlantic
Sucking on Your Baby’s Pacifier Good for Their Health – Study
Suicide Rate Among U.S. Workers Increased 34 percent
Surgical Robot "Spirals Out Of Control", Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes
The ‘ magnanimity ‘ of Dr. Ambedkar
The Freedom Crisis
The greatest environmental crime you've never heard about: Biosludged film launches Nov. 28th - see the first trailer here
The Health Ranger exposes Henry I. Miller as Monsanto prostitute
The kilogram has officially been redefined
The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum
The Stunning Hypocrisy Of The House Democrats
The White House Spat With Jim Acosta Is Not A First Amendment Issue, Julian Assange's Indictment Is One
Top Florida County Election Official Illegally Let People Vote Over Fax & Email
Trump Back to Tweeting About Migrant Caravans: ‘It Is All a BIG CON’
Trump: China Has Submitted Trade Demands List
Tucker Carlson & Free Speech CNN-style Delineated
U.S. Government Accidentally Exposes Sealed Charges Against WikiLeaks and its Founder Julian Assange In Copy-Paste Error
U.S., Saudis Fight Over Crown Prince Advisor - White House Tries To Appease Erdogan
Ultra-Thin Skin Uses Magnets, Acts as Bionic „Compass”
Unusual uses for pepper that resourceful preppers know
US- , Apartheid Israel- And Zionist-beholden Australian Government & ABC Betray Australia’s Reputation & International Relations
US Gov’t Accidentally Reveals They’re Charging Julian Assange, Paving the Way for Persecution of All Journalists
Venezuela Has Hyperinflation. Now What?
Venezuela is rolling out a new ID card manufactured in China that can track, reward, and punish citizens
Vessel spills 250,000 litres of crude oil off Newfoundland
Video: EU Head Juncker Appears Incapable of Dressing Himself
Video: Rand Paul Warns Of Censorship Of Conservatives By Big Tech
VIDEO: Watch An Illegal Try To Kill Two Cops And MSM Cover It Up
Watch Live: Can The Globalists’ Attempt To Steal US And British Elections Be Turned Back?
Watch Live: Infowars Reporters Are At the San Diego / Mexican Border Covering the Invasion, Plus Judge Rules For CNN Against Trump
Watch Live: Why Acosta Is Allowed In The White House And Infowars Is Not
WATCH: Cop Clearly Caught Taking Man’s Cash, Stuffing It into His Sock—NO CHARGES
Watch: President Trump Presents the Medal Of Freedom
What are the best foods to reverse symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis?
What if Christians Were in Control?
What Is The „Epidemiologic Triangle”?
White House Reacts To Jim Acosta Court Ruling
Who is Safe from Amazon? Worldwide Store Closings
Why Is the Deep State Panicking Over Matthew Whitaker?
Why Joe Biden Is The Weakest Democrat They Can Nominate In 2020
Why Politicians Love Deals like the Amazon Deals
Why Supreme Court Opinions Are Not The „Law Of The Land” & How To Put Federal Judges In Their Place
Why the US and UK are Suddenly Concerned for Civilians in Yemen
Wikileaks Claims DOJ Charging Julian Assange – DOJ Confirms
Wildfire Latest: 63 Dead, 630 Missing
Worldwide study reveals that air pollution is cutting global life expectancy by up to 2 years
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